SDCS Premium Rewards App Update

Thank you for being an SDCS Premium Rewards Member! On April 17, your SDCS Premium Rewards App will be updated automatically, or you will need to go to your phone’s app store and update it manually. With this upgrade, you’ll enjoy an enhanced mobile app experience along with new loyalty program features and capabilities. This includes options like accelerated bonus points on in-store purchases, fuel-to-store cross-discount offers, and more.

To re-access your account on the mobile app, please complete the instructions below.

  1. Update to the latest app version
    • If you have auto-updates enabled, simply launch the new app
    • If not, manually update the app through the App Store/Google Play
  2. Create a new sign-in and password
    • Select Sign Up on the welcome screen (not Sign In)
    • Create new login via email, Google account, or Apple ID
    • Confirm email address if signing up that way
  3. Link your existing account
    • Select I am already a member
    • Enter the mobile phone number used for your previous account
    • This will link your rewards history and points balance
  4. Finish Registration
    • Provide your phone number (required)
    • Optionally add name and birthdate
    • Select Register to submit the form and save your profile

Your existing points balance and any unredeemed rewards have been transferred over. Any previous unredeemed “Nemo Cake” birthday rewards have been converted to 250 bonus points on the new platform.