SDCS #2 Renovations Update

The Shakopee Dakota Convenience Store #2 location (14160 Wilds Path NW) is currently undergoing interior renovations to the deli and employee areas. The location will remain open for the majority of the construction period although some food and beverage offerings will not be available at all times. Please visit SDCS #1 (15035 Mystic Lake Drive) for additional offerings.

Please be advised that SDCS #2 will be closed March 25-27 due to construction needs and customer safety concerns. Fuel pumps will remain operational during this closure with the exception of an anticipated outage on Tuesday, March 26, from 7-10am for an IT equipment upgrade. Pending a successful upgrade, this is the only expected fuel pump disruption during construction.

The SDCS #2 renovation is tentatively expected to be completed June 1.